Nearly March

Good gracious. It is nearly March. Where has the time gone? I am working like a mad woman. I’ve taken on quite a few freelance projects recently. In my quest to have no debt I am trying to earn money for a few things. The first being a new car. I’m eying a Ford Fusion. I’ve gone back and forth on various cars and for what I need, it is the best option. The next thing I am saving towards is a new kitchen. I didn’t say I was saving for little things. This makes me saving for my Mac seem like pennies in the piggy bank.

We upgraded our Western Digital Media Player to the WD TV Live Plus. It has “internet media” capabilities. Of course Josh discovered that I have a Pandora account and he has been enjoying using that. We also ran network cables so that we can connect the WD TV Live Plus to the server and access all of our music. Josh took a few weeks and re-ripped all of our CDs to FLAC files and put them on the server. We have a lot of music.

This may sound dorky but is anyone looking forward to the release of Bambi on Blu-Ray/DVD. If you are going to get it, make sure you get a coupon. If you buy it in the first week, you can usually get the Blu-Ray version for under $15. The Bambi coupon is good for $10 off of either the Blu-Ray or DVD combo pack. So you could in theory get a dvd for about $10.

HTC/T-Mobile G2 owners, have any of you experienced any problems with your phone turning off randomly? I have and they want me to do a factory reset on it. I really don’t want to but I’m worried my phone will fail when I really need it. I’m just having a hard time finding a good span of time that I can go without my apps. I need to do it before the warranty runs out though. I think it is in August or September. I have a few months. Eek.