Remixing Johannesburg

So if you don’t follow me on twitter, you’ve probably missed my posts about Pogo. Pogo is a young lad with a lot of promise. He remixes film clips and sounds into music. My husband and I love listening to his creations.  He’s taken on a new project. He wants to remix the world. He’s started with remixing the sounds of Johannesburg. Watch and listen to Joburg Jam on YouTube.

If you like it, perhaps you could buy it. If you like what he does, you could help fund his next remix, Tibet. If you can’t pledge to help him financially, you can do just what I am doing now, spread the word. He’s more than halfway to his goal.

I’m writing this entry strictly because I like what he does and I like his potential. He’s got a talent and a goal and I like that. So check him out!