Yes Yes

It is 2011. I was lame and didn’t stay awake. My husband is sick with a terrible cold and it wasn’t anything remotely close to possible to keep him awake. It’s OK though. I was with the person I love and that was all that I needed.

Yesterday I decided to do something that I can’t remember doing at all in 2010. I looked at my horoscope. Yahoo! had a 2011 yearly horoscope and I took the bait. I was surprised to see that it mentioned something I had already deciding. I decided that 2011 will be the year of me. I always try to help everyone out, putting myself behind if I needed. This year I am not going to repeat. I will still help, but not to my detriment. Year of ME!

That’s the only new years resolution I have. Is that a resolution or a change in mindset. I suppose it could be both.

You missed this, didn’t you. Me. My inane babble about nothing and everything. We’re nearing 14 years of this. It’s OK to admit you like it. I’m not judging.