Holiday Time

A felt cone turned hatThe holidays are fast approaching. Last year I found garden gnome holiday cards at IKEA and purchased them to give to co-workers. I had planned on making cards, but this was too perfect. I don’t particularly like garden gnomes. You can thank a Goosebumps TV show episode, Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes for that. Those gnomes were creepy. Anyhow, I decided to embrace the gnomes and get the cards. To top it off, I decided to make little gnome hats for all of my coworkers. I made felt cones and used scrapbooking brads as decor. For the Christmas folk, they got “Christmas” colors of green, red and gold. Hanukkah folk got “Hanukkah” colors of silver, blue, and white.

This year, I’m not sure I will do anything. There is a lot of new staff and they haven’t quite learned about my quirky need to craft. I will probably need to break them in easy. But, I may also be inspired and do something after all. Rip the craft band-aid off quickly.

Anyone have any inspiration for their holiday projects? A theme for this year?