I made my decision on my business cards and domain. I stuck with my original choice. Josh still isn’t keen on it, but it is my domain. He has his own. Now I am going to just wait for the DNS to resolve. I played around with a logo but in the end I decided I probably don’t need one. Not yet at least.

I’m planning to use a CMS to power it. I haven’t decided on which one just yet. I am trying to think of the content that needs to be added first. Oi vey, what a chore.

Tomorrow is Labor Day here in the U.S. It got me thinking about first jobs. My first job as an adult was as a web designer. Go figure. I was hired because someone overheard that I could do it and they were in a pinch. Their desperation = My win! That was over 14 years ago. Granted, I was 18, but still, it seems like forever. So, what was your first job as an adult? Do you remember it fondly or do you cringe at the mention of it? Do you need therapy because of it?