Business Card

It occurred to me as I was preparing for a meeting of my peers, that I need business cards. I have my work issued business cards but I am lacking any that are just about me, promoting just me.

I have been thinking about these business cards and was finally inspired to do one. I say inspired but really it was more like, “Duh dummy, do this and it would be ‘so’ you.” I am now finalizing my design for my own personal business card. Of course I am having trouble in the final hours. I thought I was done and then I said no. I don’t want to use that domain.

I have a few domains. One for testing, one my blog etc and a couple for other projects. I want to develop a domain that is strictly my portfolio and to host a blog on my work as a developer. I don’t want it tied to Not that I have ever hid the existence of this site, but it is something I would add to my portfolio, not host it on. So, now I am trying to decide on a domain name. I had one that I thought was really good but Josh says it reminds him of a URL for a late night infomercial. Not quite what I was going for. I still plan to use it but I am sticking with my original plan and giving myself until this evening to come up with something different. I want to put in my orders tonight.

I’ve decided to only do a small run of 100 of the business cards. I’ve never used this printer before. I’ve only seen samples and pieces others have had printed. However, they weren’t the same specs for my card, so I won’t know until it is done. Perhaps I’ll make some cards too if they come out nice. Thankfully my design can transition nicely into that.

So, I’ll report back if the final products look good or not. I know you are all waiting with baited breath.