Successful Microphone

Today I tested a wired lav mic with my Kodak zi8. We bought a couple for work along with a couple of microphones. One is a hand held Sony microphone and another is an Audio Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone that is clipped on. The zi8 inherently pics up a lot of background noise with its internal microphone. Actually most pocket video cameras do. This is why the availability of an external mic jack on the zi8 is so great. We’ve used my personal zi8 with a hand held mic before and that was fine. We’ve never used a lav with it before.

I ran some tests today and the immediate difference in the quality between the internal and external mic was enough to convince one of my co-workers to purchase one immediately for his zi8. I will be purchasing one for myself this weekend. I need to order other items, so I am waiting until I have my shopping list completed. I’m just surprised at how well it exceeded my expectations.

I want to do some outdoor tests tomorrow if it isn’t raining. I am hoping that I can make a quick little video and post it on YouTube to play here for those that are interested. So stay tuned!