Rich Uncle

Some days I wish I had a mysterious, long-lost rich uncle that left me all of his fortune. I don’t want to buy extravagant things. I like my house. I’d just want to buy the two vacant lots next door for a larger yard. Not that mine is small but I have a layout in my head that involves a few cherry trees in the yard. I like cherry trees. I miss seeing cherry blossoms bloom.

Since I don’t have a long-lost rich uncle, I’m just going to keep working hard. The vacant lots are probably a no go, due to the fact that they aren’t for sale, but I can work on the rest.

I’ve been delving into the world of Final Cut Studio at work. So far I can make a very simple movie. My logical thoughts prove quite useful as does my inquisitiveness. I’ve been borrowing a mac but I can’t borrow it every day, so the longest clip I have made was a whopping one minute and seventeen seconds! Feature films are not anywhere in the near future!

Oh, the nom o’clock alarm on my phone tells me it is time for Mythbusters! Yay!