Theft or Flattery

Perhaps the title of this entry is misleading. There is no flattery, it’s all theft. I just discovered a site/company/entity is using a photo of mine. While the “credited” me, they did not request permission to use it. The copyright information is listed with the image, but it was still lifted. The annoying thing is, I would have let them use it, had they asked! I’ve yet to turn down someone who wanted to use a photo of mine that involved anything other than the kids. That decision is always theirs or their parents’. Still, I do require permission before use!

So now do I go and request them to take it down? It was apparently posted over a year ago and it’s not being used in a harmful way. Still, how hard is it to contact me? My info is listed with the photo! Perhaps that question has led me to my answer.  I guess it would have been flattery when they asked and when I would have realized they wanted to use my photo amongst the work of professional news photographers. But now it’s down right irritation and theft. Grrr. I don’t intend to name the names as I know that can cause more headache. I’ve been around the web a few times to know that much!

In other photography news. I entered one of my photographs into the employee art exhibit. I have no expectations of winning. I just wanted to do something since no one else in the office was. Someone had to represent, so why not me? I entered a photo of Sawyer. I was going to submit a photo of Hugo, but it just didn’t print correctly while the Sawyer one was really good. I showed it to some of my coworkers and they couldn’t figure out what it was at first until they stood away.

Now I think I shall prepare slumber. I have a busy morning tomorrow. I am attending a social media seminar in the morning. I’m mostly interested in the showcase prior to the discussion. I am interested in seeing the application development. That’s the coder in me trying to get out. The designer and professional sides of me have been suppressing it for too long. Run free little coder, run free.