Happy day to celebrate the spring equinox.

We made the trek over to my parents’ house this morning. After discovering it far too quiet, I got to work dyeing eggs for my cousins’ children and my nieces and nephews. When did they stop packaging the way crayon in the boxes? I found a few birthday candles that worked but they were so thin they kept breaking. I forgot to take photos of the eggs but I was quite impressed with my skills. One looked like a superhero (face and mask).  I marbleized quite a few and they looked beyond cool.

I managed to video the egg hunt. It took exactly six minutes for five kids to find four dozen eggs. We did have to guide a few kids to some but I think that was due to our egg hiding abilities. I hid one in a tree branch. I made it a little obvious but a little difficult to get to. Shalyn got it after climbing in a chair. We were good and didn’t put any near my parents’ rose bushes. The thorns on that thing look like something from a horror movie.

Our shed is nearly complete on the outside. It just needs trim. Next week we will be painting the inside of the shed. That should hopefully brighten it up. We have contemplated getting solar panels to power lighting but the expense isn’t quite justified for a shed. I have an on-running joke with Josh about tap-lights. I bought a box of little magnet lights for our cabinets and it came with two tap-lights.  Now when we reach a situation that could use more lights, I recommend a tap-light. It’s the little things that amuse me.

Well, I’m off to see why my washing machine is pulling a Mr. Mom and walking away from the wall. Like I really need this expense. I’m hoping it is something I can repair. How hard is it to repair a spring? That seems to be a major culprit in washing machines.