Globe Trotter returned

I am seriously contemplating a return to globe trotting. I traveled a lot in my younger (read pre-teens) and I want to do it again but now with my husband. I’m hoping that recent revelations by my husband about possible discounted travel options lead to awesome adventures over seas. Keep your fingers crossed; we may jump the pond! Can England handle my return? Probably.

In other news. I am starting my extra-edumacation. I’m doing some online stuff  now and will probably enroll in some courses for the Fall semester. Didn’t I just finish school? What am I thinking?

I’m dabbling in new waters at work using Google, GIS layers and user inputs. I have gotten my ankles and shins wet but once I get the files I need, I’m going in the deep end! Look out world, my brain is expanding!

Speaking of deep end. When I was little I would hang on to the edge of the pool while in the deep end. I was not confident in my dog-paddle technique. Eventually I learned to swim properly, became addicted to and loved being in the water.

This random bit of non-sense has been brought to you by Josh getting a work call just before bed.