Josh and I will hopefully get to take a vacation at the same time before Christmas. It seemed to be the least busiest time of year and I figure work won’t miss me too much then. Apparently the week I return will have little to no one at work. I think we’ll be down to four or five in my office. Skeleton crew, that’s more like a side of ribs.

We’ve had some progress in the kitty world. Sawyer is quite brave now. She’s coming up to us and meowing. She’s not running away from us when we come near. Spot managed to sleep on our desks this evening for a bit. I’m not sure if he was trying to get a little closer to the evil princess or now but he was there even after she left.

Speaking of the evil princess. She is getting on in her age. I know it will be rough for me when she passes. She may be evil, but she is my evil little princess. Her asthma still bothers her, especially in the summer. We’ve been trying to manage it but she hates pills and will maul you if you try to go near her face without food or dairy based liquid.

Oh man. Speaking of dairy. I have some low sugar ice cream bars in the fridge. I should go get one! They are really good. I think they are made by Blue Bunny.

As I had planned earlier, I’ve been couponing for work stuff. I am gathering goods food drives and for toy drives. With coupons, I’ve managed to get five Santa Mr. Potato Heads at 0.99 USD each. I scored some stuffed bears for $1 each and some games for under $5. I’m still acquiring toys but I am trying to stretch the dollars and get more for the same amount I typically spend. So far I’m doing awesome. I will try to remember to take a picture. I’ve got goods for three drives.

I am also thinking of making some things for the toy drives. I have tons of fabric scraps and I might be able to make some toys for smaller children. Dolls, fabric shapes? There are plenty of free patterns out there. I think it is just going to be a time issue for me. I have freelance work to get done, regular work and a husband that I like to see. Perhaps a work lunch project. Maybe.