Of Conferences and Buttons

Hello my lovelies!

I’ve been actively researching grants. Whoa is me there aren’t any for the. I’m specifically looking for grant money to send me to various web/technology conferences and workshops or training. Ideally I’d love to go to SXSW but alas it isn’t happening. Work can’t send me because well, budget cuts! I peeked around at federal grants but honestly grants aren’t my area of expertise. If you know of any grants and are willing to pass along the info, help a sistah’ out! We are also delving into the world of social media as well as exploring other technologies, so it would be nice to talk to others who have felt my pain.

In other news, I’m researching button makers. Partly for work and partly for personal reasons. I have taken on many hats in my job and well, a button maker seems logical.

I’ve pretty much sucked at crafting this holiday. It feels like I am working non-stop. I have my job, my freelance and then work around the house. The yard work is never ending, though there is a giant 15 foot area cleared in my front yard. Crazy. Josh went a little wild with the cutting. Not that I’m complaining, it just makes me laugh.

Word just came down to me that the plan is to have the shed finished by February. I was hoping to have it done my Christmas but I’ll take February just the same.

Finally, I shall leave you with a new video from Mumford and Sons. If you’ve known me long enough you’ll probably remember that I have never had a true favorite genre of music, but I do like these guys. I think what draws me to it is the emotion in the songs.  Enjoy.