In a recent twitter post, Vonnie mentioned that very few had commented on her post about her dying her daughter’s hair pink. I of course responded with the reason why I didn’t. I tend to read Vonnie’s site via my RSS reader. Unfortunately, this also tends to make my likelyhood of commenting very small. I know that I have a fair number of subscribers to my feed so I know her pain. I get a few comments but I get more comments in email than on the site. I know a lot has to do with the RSS feed. I accept it.

In other news. I discovered a con to the Kodak Zi8. One of the functions at work that we were looking for was for live streaming. Unfortunately we discovered that contrary to many reports, the Zi8 cannot function as a glorified webcam, even with a tuner card. I’m hoping a firmware update will change this in the future, but that is neither here nor there. So, after spending far too much time researching and testing things at home, I came to a conclusion. Why don’t we just buy a nice HD webcam and use that for the streaming. I don’t mind lending my Zi8 for other uses until we decide to purchase one. I’m a good sharer.

Other fun news. I don’t think I ever mentioned this but my Western Digital HD Media Center rocks. I purchased a Logitech Harmony remote that I found on clearance because I discovered that it worked with the Media Center. It is quite lovely. Josh and I have been watching a lot of movies on it. Definitely worth the $100.

The kitties are all good. Quite adorable as usual. Sawyer is starting to come around. She snuggled with Josh this past weekend which is pretty much unheard of with her. She’s also meowing at me a little more when I am giving her food. This never happened either. It has taken over a year but she is finally starting to get comfortable. Pheew.