We are venturing into new worlds at work. Well, I am running head first and dragging work by the heels with me. I have been told on more than one occasion that when I decide to leave, the person that replaces me will hate me because of all of the work I have created. Perhaps I should see if there is a way to make sure that they can only hire a Libra to replace me. I don’t think I have made too much more work for myself. I’ve just changed some of what I do.

After proposing an idea recently I was given the go ahead to purchase the equipment that I need. Me being me, I had to research the hell out of it. I needed to purchase a video camcorder. I wanted something small because we already have a large array of “grown up” cameras for filming and photography. I needed something not quite webcam, but not quite super professional. After a ton of research I decided on five cameras. The first on my list was the Sony Webbie MHS-PM1. It was small, HD and the output was good. Then as I was closing in on my decision, I came across a VERY important fact. The Sony Webbie shuts down after 25 minutes of use. This was a huge flaw. Such a huge flaw that it immediately knocked it off the list. The next on my list was the Kodak Zi8. Early reviews and the videos posted by users look good. In fact they looked so good that I placed an order for one from Kodak on Sunday. I would have done so on Amazon but they were already out of stock.

When I went into work on Monday I mentioned how fast they had sold out. When I went to the Kodak site to begin the process of purchasing one for work I discovered that you could no longer purchase them. This sent me into a bit of a tizzy as to whether my order made the cut. I found it impossible to find out an order status online. The only real way to do it was to get on the phone with Kodak. So after work  on Monday I called Kodak and discovered that all was well and that mine had shipped. This morning I also discovered a tracking number in my inbox. I watched the progress and happily relayed the information to Josh that my Zi8 will be delivered tomorrow! So now I just need to buy a memory card and a mono-pod for full useage.

My coworkers have been warned that I will be recording lots of videos on Thursday. Lunchtime will not be safe. I will try to post what I can. Maybe after twelve years of reading my site(s), my web friends will finally hear my voice!