Stuck in my head

It seems that every morning and every evening I have a song stuck in my head. For the past few mornings it has been Mariah Carey songs. This is odd because I can think of only two Mariah Carey songs and I don’t know anything from either song other than , “You’ve got me feeling emotions” and “I’ll be there.” I have no idea why they are stuck in my head but they are.

In the evening I continually have Johnny Flynn stuck in my head. This is much more reasonable as he is usually what I listen to on my way home. I have explained it to a few people before but not on here. There is something about listening to Johnny Flynn that makes it nearly impossible for me to be anything other than happy and content when I am listening to it. Kind of like listening to songs from the Muppets. This past weekend I introduced Brittany to his music. She likes him very much. I previously introduced her to the wonderful sounds of one Jeremy Warmsley and she quite enjoyed his music. She is more like me than she will ever know.