Too long

It has apparently been a long time since I last used my Wii Fit. I fell victim to it. It inticed me in and then bam, I got bored. Not really, I got busy doing stuff. I suppose some of the yard work could be considered exercise. Otherwise I have been bad. I’m trying to change that though.

My blood sugar has always been on the low side. I occassionally dip into the 40s which is pretty bad.  But since working I’ve varied what I eat (hello snacks) and now it is just wonky in general. So, I’ve cut out sugars except for the fake kind. Sorry but I’m just not that hard core. I’m weaning myself off of it slowly. I make sure I fill my cup full of ice when I get a drink so I’m really only drinking about a third. I could make myself drink water but what I love most about my drinks is the ice. The ice maker makes awesome chips of ice.  I love ice cold drinks. Slowly weaning myself off. I’ll do it.

Back to the Wii. I hopped on today and it kicked my butt. I admittedly did the harder exercises but I wanted to see how off I am. My ability to control my center of gravity is still near excellent. I guess having the air conditioner vents blowing on you along with the ceiling fan and still sweating like crazy is a good thing.  I felt the burn and boy do I still feel it now.  I didn’t over do it but I definitely did what was needed.

I went walking on Sunday with Josh and that was good. After seeing the manicured yards in the neighborhood, we both decided that our yard looks like crap. More motivation to get working on it. We have about two and a half more months until cooler weather starts to creep in enough to do a lot of work in one go. I’m excited about that. Perhaps Josh and I will take off a week to just do yard work. Gung-ho gardners. Hwahh.

For now, I’m going to bed. Well, I’ll go after I take some ibuprophen.