Thoughts and Ideas

So yeah, MJ and FF died today. Didn’t know them. I know a couple of lines to an assortment of MJ songs. Farah I was a little indifferent on. I was just young enough to miss the Charlie’s Angels generation. I knew who they were, but I didn’t really watch them.

I’ve been terrible about updating. Then again, my life has been pretty stale. My friendship with a couple of co-workers has been threatened if I don’t go see Transformers 2 on IMAX. Yeah, what kind of crap is that? Huh boys? Of course they are boys.

I’ve been spending time on facebook for work. It appears that you can’t post to the wall on facebook and disable comments. Anyone know if there is a way that I am completely missing? It is possible, very possible.

Life with my WD Media Center has been awesome. The optical audio makes the surround sound ten “gazillion” times better.  It really does make all the difference. Unfortunately we don’t have an optical audio in on any of the displays at work (that sucks) so we can’t watch or listen to anything on my drive in full awesomeness. If a converter is cheap, I might do it. I have to look into it and see if the audio quality is downgraded too much.

Oh, I’m thinking of covering the panels of my cubical at work. They are tan, purple and kind of seafoam green. I have a plethora of white fabric that I might use for the upper wall. I have a blood wine color fabric that I might use for the middle panel and I’m unsure what to do with the lower wall. Perhaps white, but it might look a bit like a present at that point. I will be posting photos if I decide to do it. I don’t know what I will do with my giant dinosaur though. Decisions.