Dal Curry (Lentils)

Shan Dal Curry (Lentils)
Serves 8
Spiced Lentils
Prep Time
2 hr 30 min
Cook Time
1 hr 30 min
Total Time
4 hr
Prep Time
2 hr 30 min
Cook Time
1 hr 30 min
Total Time
4 hr
  1. 2 cups Dal Masoor (orange lentils)
  2. 1 onion diced (md or large)
  3. 2 tbps diced garlic (or ten cloves, diced)
  4. 1 md tomato, halved and sliced thin
  5. 3 bay leaves
  6. 1 ½ tsp ground red pepper (or to taste)
  7. 3 Bay leaves
  8. 2 tbsp of Shan dal Curry Mix (or to taste)
  9. ½ cup of butter
  10. 6 cups of water
  1. Soak the lentils in a bowl for at least two (2) hours.
  2. After an hour and a half, cook (on md heat) the onions in butter until translucent.
  3. Add garlic, Shan Dal mix and tomatoes to pot.
  4. Stir until the dal mix is well distributed.
  5. Carefully add six (6) cups of water to the pot.
  6. Drain and rinse the soaked lentils. Carefully add them to the pot.
  7. Add bay leaves.
  8. Turn to low heat and cover.
  9. Cook until the lentils reach desired density, stirring occasionally.
  10. If you prefer a thicker soup, remove the lid and let dal continue to low boil to assist in thickening.
  1. Keep an eye on the pot as it may boil over if the heat is too high.