Twitter Pop

Just popping on to list a few new Twitter follows and some music discoveries. Work is strangely busy, but well that’s the way it rolls. Right? I have had a very enlightening past week and a half. I need a break.

andyshauf – I found his music via the P is for Panda compilation download on and enjoy some of his music. He has recently been signed by P is for Panda, so I’m hoping to hear more from him.

jwojwo – This is Jeremy Warmsley. Holy smokes does he make awesome music.

iampauldixon – OK. I discovered him via Jeremy Warmsley. He had followed me on Twitter and then didn’t. Weird. I followed to his myspace page and liked his music. The remix of Constellation by thelastskeptik is freaking awesome.

thelastskeptik – See the last sentence for iampauldixon. Yep.