My Twitter Follows

I have decided to post a little about those I follow on twitter. I don’t have that many, so don’t worry, it isn’t a long list! A link to their twitter page is in parentheses.

  • Sam Bradley (samueltwitt1) – Sam is my most recent follow. He is a rather talented musician. I found him via myspace and liked what I heard. I am editing to add that I am greatly amused by the fact that his list of  Twitter followers consist of all females. I have managed to get a few male coworkers to listen to him, but they won’t follow him on Twitter.
  • Stephen Fry (stephenfry) – He is the Stephen Fry. He makes me laugh, what more can I say.
  • John Green (realjohngreen) – An excellent writer and he makes me laugh.
  • Kris (web_goddess) – Kris is Kris. How could I not follow her. I’ve been reading her for what seems like forever.
  • Jenny (ljc) – If you don’t know Jenny, you should. She’s a crafter extrordinaire.
  • kantrip (kantrip) – My dear friend from my freshman year of college.
  • Valermos (valermos) – A college friend. He speaks both geek and funny. Of course we’d know each other!
  • Vonnie (blottedcopybook) – One of my more recent reads, Vonnie keeps me smiling. She’s very creative and sweet.
  • Erika (erikarenee) – I’ve been a reader of Erika’s for a long time. She is a good writer and a good person.
  • Pamela (monkeyjunkie) – She is the first person I ever reached out to and emailed on a whim. I’ve been reading her ever since.
  • Valencia (valenciamusic) – Another Myspace find. Some of their tweets are just beyond silly.


  • Digby (deaddogdigby) – Best dead dog!
  • Olive Snook (ittybittyolive) – So small, but so perfect!
  • Emerson Cod (emersoncod) – The most awesome P.I. ever. Oh. He’s fictional too.
  • Charlotte Charles aka Chuck (deadgirlchuck) – She’s dead but has the greatest outfits. Go figure.
  • Ned Piemaker (nedthepiemaker)  – The greatest pie maker ever. He brings dead things back to life!

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  1. I’m all about spreading the love! I have my list short so tweets don’t get lost in the jumble. I was following one person that had over ten tweets an hour. That was just too much.

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