Playing at the Pump

Many months ago I was watching NOVA on Public Television and they were on the topic of Play Pumps. If you’ve never heard of it, it is a merry-go-round that also functions as a pump. While it is played with, it pumps water into a water storage tank. It is a great little innovative thing that can help a village while at the same time encouraging children to play.

I can recall as a child loving the merry-go-round. There were two types that I used to play on. There was the one with the flat base that you could stand or sit on. Then there was the type at old Barking Park. Those were similar to the Play Pumps style.  It took me a while to work up the nerves for that type of merry-go-round. I was the youngest out of my family (brothers and cousins), so I evaluated the possibilities of being pushed off of it and opted to wait until I was bigger.

I recall a lot from Barking Park. Especially the video my parents have, where I declare my dislike of “that kind of water”. By that I meant any water that wasn’t clear. I managed to get over that dislike, but I am still a little reserved when it comes to murky waters. Shouldn’t we all be?

So what brought all of this on? The word pump. One word and the flood of flashbacks began. Isn’t that always fun?