Oh My Awesome

This afternoon before I left for an appointment, I asked if I could get my e-mail client upgraded and they did it! Due to my leaving early for the day, I have only been able to access the web portion but I’m already having fun. I’m excited to start playing around with the client on my machine at work. There is already someone else in my office with the upgrades, but she isn’t a techie like me. Otherwise work has been busy, but good. That is always nice.

We are picking up the couch this Saturday. It has been here all week, but between Josh and I, we haven’t been able to pick it up. Saturday will give us more time to finish setting everything up. Hopefully I will remember to get photos.

Hrm. It would seem I need to extract an adorable little kitten from my curtains. They seem to only be interested in climbing the really old curtains (the last pair that came with the house). I suppose I should be thankful that they haven’t clawed up my nice ones.

One thought on “Oh My Awesome

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