Amusing ourselves

I don’t normally talk about work in much detail. But this entry is one that definitely calls for it. Work has been a wee bit stressful for some of my coworkers. There is a big event going on and because they are the event group, they’ve been stressing some.

Work can be amusing

A large box was left in front of my cube and I promptly asked if it was trash. It was. I whipped out my trusty little leatherman squirt and set about fashioning myself a door. After I made my door, one of the graphic designers decided I needed shrubs. It went crazy after that. My five minutes spent making to door turned into a good bit of stress relief for my coworkers. I’m glad I could help.

I ended up with a door complete with a peephole and hinges. Two windows (with a ghostly looking girl in one of them), a flowering shrub with a blue-bird sitting in it. A mailbox, with mail and a recycling bin.

The number at the top is my extension. No one could figure it out due to the fact that in my office we generally scream for each other.

I don’t know if the cleaning crew will dismantle it and take it to be recycled, but I borrowed a camera from a coworker and snapped a few shots to preserve this moment of childishness that overtook all of us.