Work and Stuff

Work has been keeping me busy and the house has as well. We decided to just go ahead and purchase the furniture we had been putting off buying. The couch still hasn’t arrived. We did buy a new dining room table and chairs with a matching little table for the kitchen. I bought the bed and dresser that I had wanted from Ikea. I do believe Josh likes it. He set the bed up to the highest height. Now his feet don’t touch the ground when he sits on the side. Needless to say, I have to remember how far from the ground I am when I wake up in the morning.

We’ve been getting a bit of bad weather here today. Hurricane Ike’s outer rain bands are reaching us here and this evening there were tornadoes. One touched down very close to my parents’ shop. They hadn’t gone to check on it as of about 7pm tonight, but I will keep my phone near me in the morning in case I get a call.

The Large Hadron Collider debuted last night. If I recall correctly, it wasn’t a full test. That comes in 09. The geek in my was enjoying the few moments of science that overtook the news. All I hear about is either Sarah Palin or Casey Anthony. Neither of which I find of much interest. It is sad that the little girl is missing, but I have seen her picture enough to know if i see her on the street, I’ll give the police a ring. However, I think that is probably unlikely.