More Purchases

I’m glad I got a job. Josh’s hard drive has been acting weird. At first we thought it was Windows being Windows. Apparently it wasn’t. He did some tests on his hard drive and it threw back lots of errors. So, we bit the bullet and went out in search of hard drives. We also bought two new battery backups because we had two that failed. New batteries would have run nearly the same, so we went for new units.

I did manage to get rid of some computer supplies while we “cleaned up” the house. I don’t know if the thrift store can get much for them, but I am giving them network cards and other assorted fun. They could probably sell the battery backups as well. If someone can get the batteries cheap via their work or something, they’d have some nice units.

The cat is being a butt-head. She’s chewing and clawing things because she is hungry. She doesn’t normally get fed for another hour, but we may have to give into her so that we don’t go insane.

Ooh, race is starting, I’m off.