Well, I didn’t see that coming. Josh and I watched the season finale of Dr. Who today. I’m still digesting, but there was some interesting bits. I won’t say much. Just whoa.

So, in other news, I’ve got this idea in my head. It is perfectly simple yet so complex. Basically I am trying to justify to myself why it won’t work. I’ve got in my head a way in which we would interact with computers three dimensionally. Yeah, the engineering geek is chugging away. I haven’t been feeling well this afternoon and evening, and this is what I get.

I bought a new monitor today. I lost two a half pixels in two weeks. The half pixel is because while I didn’t necessarily lose it, it was displaying blue. I managed to score a 19″ widescreen for $160. It was on sale plus an instant rebate. It is quite s3xor.  The only bad thing is that my graphics card is not able to take advantage of the full capabilities of it. We have another one somewhere in the house that I will probably install tomorrow. Hopefully that one works better.

The kittens are well. One of them (Spot) was sick last night, but he is doing well today. They’ll be visiting the vet soon in any case. They are much more comfortable around humans now.