Last night I seriously considered buying a 50″ plasma tv. The price was beyond good. It was a model from last year, but still rated pretty highly. Then the practical side of me kicked in. While it was about what we planned to spend on a 42″ lcd tv, it was way too large. Then there was the whole issue of getting it home. Delivery wasn’t available and neither car would fit something that size. So, the better side of me won out.

My cat is completely wiped out. I think it is from the shock of her litter box being clean. She kind of went overboard with her litter usage and ran out. It smelled horrible, but this morning I bought more litter, enzyme cleaner and an odor absorber. Now it smells so much better near her litter box.

I watched the movie Untraceable today. I had to fast forward through some parts. It was decent in that it echoes how effed up we are these days.

My neighbors are putting up their fence today. They mentioned a month or two ago that they were going to do it. Once we started cutting down all of the air potato that was overtaking our yard, it kind of gave us a clear view into their yard. I don’t think they liked that. I imagine it had to do with us being able to see them if they decided to go swimming. I’m cool with it. I didn’t especially like being able to look into their yard. We still have plenty of growth providing us with privacy on all of the other sides! Maybe now that they have the fence done, I’ll be more motivated to start digging out more of the crap in our yard.