Cupcake Cake

I don’t know what caused me to think of it, but yesterday at work I started thinking about ways to make a giant cupcake as a birthday cake. I think that it would be pretty neat. The weird part about this was that I was working on converting pages that had nothing to do with food as I was planning the cake in my head.

Today was pretty interesting at work. I should say the first half was. Today was bike to work day and I was psuedo recruited to issue waters to the folks that showed up on their bikes to my work. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough water, so I had to run and get more. There were a lot more riders than were expected. I think I read somewhere that there were around 85, but possibly more.

There was other stuff going on outside in addition to bike to work that made it pretty much a little street party outside. There was lots of silliness and me being playfully picked on by a guy in an inflatable costume! It was a nice break from the ordinary.

Speaking of breaks, I am thinking I will take one and go watch LOST. I am two episodes behind and want to catch up.