I know the purpose of the government’s stimulus check is to get us to spend money and therefore stimulate the economy, but I am really hoping most Americans use it to pay some of their bills. I am planning to pay down a credit card. I don’t want to pay it off completely due to the fact that it is interest free until January. I just want to have a fair amount of available credit should something happen. It kills me to have a balance, but I know it will be OK.

I’m heading to Ikea. The place I am to take my drug test at is down the road from Ikea, so I figured I would kill the morning there. I can scope out the Granemo we are thinking about. I can also, um, look around. I might pick up some glasses while I am there. Our glasses we bought 10.5 years ago are nearly all gone. I think we have four left. I remember buying them. We needed everything.

I think I bought the glasses at the Dollar store. I am so surprised that they have lasted as long as they have. I bought the bowls, our first set of sheets, a telephone, and cooking utensils all at Woolworth’s. These stores were two blocks over, so it was convenient to walk to. I still have the bowls, utensils and sheets. The sheets are actually still in great condition. They just clash horribly with the colors of the rooms in this place. The fact that we had nine sets of sheets for our guest bedroom made us decide that it would be OK to donate many of them. I don’t know how we collected that many sheet sets. I think some of them were gifts. Actually, I know some of them were gifts.

OK, this trip down memory lane has to stop. I’m starting to ponder where everything in my house came from. I could be here for hours.

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  1. I think Dale’s planning on buying a new digital video camera (the one we bought for Livi died in just 2 years!) with our refund, so the stimulus check will probably just go to savings. We only have one credit card carrying a balance, and its 0% interest until the end of the year or so, so there’s no urgency in paying that off, and it’s our only true debt.

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