Stuck Adipose

Update: For those that have asked both here and via email, I don’t have the local copy available right now (machine upgrade, yay!), but I will try.

Update 2: Word is that Mazz is going to be talking to the Beeb soon, so hopefully it will be posted again. 

While the pattern has been taken down at the request of the BBC, I was still able to finish knitting my Adipose. I had saved a copy locally and there is also the google cache page I have linked to below.

This pattern combined many of my worst knitting enemies. Grafting, picking up stitches and embroidering faces. I suck at all three of them.

I’m not overly pleased with the way I knit it, but had I paid attention to the pattern more closely, I think it would have turned out a lot nicer. Still, not bad for a first go.

Pattern: MazzMatazz’s Adipose Pattern
Materials Used:
Wool Ease Sportweight: Natural color

20 thoughts on “Adipose

  1. Thank you for providing the cache version. I just saw the episode last night a week late even for SciFi. I managed to grab the cache and cut and paste it. Thank you so much. I love me some Adipose babies!!

  2. Hi – Looks as if the cached page has gone 🙁 any chance of a copy of the one you managed to save locally? My boy adores these little critters.

  3. The BBC have been really mean about this – my wife had heard about the pattern, and promised toy adipose to our boys. As soon as we came to find the pattern properly, the BBC meanies had raised their heads.

    The link you gave is to a page with no patterns. Could you email me a copy of your copy so that my wife can keep her promise to our boys?

  4. This looks so adorable…unfortunately, the cached page no longer appears, only the fact that the pattern has been removed. Shame, really, as it’s been forever since I have knit and thought this would be a perfect way to get back into the swing of things!

  5. WOW! That is really cute when it’s knitted up!

    My little boy asked me to knit him an adipose but Mazz’s pattern had been removed before I could. If you find your copy I would be most grateful for a copy.

  6. Hi There, Could you or anyone who has the knitting pattern please e-mail to me as a pdf /doc/txt , what ever format you have it in please.
    So I can knit 2 adipose for my 2 sons please,,
    Thanks for your time and effort,,

  7. Hi,
    In the usual pre-christmas panic, my niece has decided she wants a knitted Andipose. I haven’t found a pattern, but your posting which says you had a local copy. Any chance you can send this to me ?

    It would make one young girl very happy for a change. In the past past I have searched for Furby’s Nintendo DS’s and Wii’s and this years impossible is the knitted Andipose.

  8. I love these! i really wanted to make one! they are so cut is it possible to have the pattern emailed to me?

  9. Any chance if you’re still around and have a local copy, could your fingers somehow slip and accidentally send a copy my way? Thanks either way 🙂

  10. I am looking for her pattern as well. still no such luck… very sad of what BBC did… wonder if u have pattern so that I can knit from? Thanks.

  11. hiya, any chance of sending me that saved document? I would love the knitted pattern, but can’t find it anywhere online, curse the BBC! Any help would be greatly appreciated,


  12. Okay, this is a two-fold reason for my request. I am a big fan of The Doctor and am currently taking Anatomy and Physiology where we just had to identify adipose tissue for a LAB test. I would love to knit an adipose character (because of The Doctor) but also as a little buddy to take with me to class. He is so cute. Just wondered if you were still allowed to pass out the pattern. I wish the BBC could just acknowledge the cool pattern and at least sell it! Many knitters and crochet-ers would buy it, I am sure! If you still can send, then thanks a mil!

  13. Hi. I was wondering if you could end me this patterns. It’s impossible to find it on the web — I know the story…
    Thanks in advance and greetings from Italy!

  14. I know I’m a few years late, but I’ve only just stumbled across this site in my search of a pattern. If you can email me a copy, I’d be very grateful. If not, thanks anyway.

  15. I am really interested in how to knit the hands and feet of the adipose. Would it be possible to send me the part of the file that has that pattern? Thank you!

  16. Lori,
    I don’t know where I put the file as I have switched computers a few times. I will look for it though. 🙂

  17. hi, now that the uproar has died down a bit, if you found the pattern again, can you accidently type in my email address and hit send?

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