Forgive Me

Forgive me knitters, for I have sinned. In the last week I have sinned twice. The first time was when I bought two sweaters. Each were $3.00 and very nicely made. They were on clearance and to purchase the yarn for such a single sweater would have been easily ten times as much.

My second sin was yesterday. I purchased a lovely 100% lambswool pullover for $3.50. It is beautiful and actually looks rather appealing on me. Again, the costs of the yarn for such a sweater would have been more than ten times what I paid.

In other news, I am on a quest today to finish my unfinished objects! I have a couple of projects waiting in the wings, but I am determined to get these UFOs done! All that I have to finish are the appendages of both the Adipose and the Furryness.