If there is ever a time when you see a bottle of Sauer’s barbecue sauce, pick up a bottle or three. I’ve rarely found a barbecue sauce that I want to use on everything from eggs to mashed potatoes (yes, I said mashed potatoes). Sauer’s is one of them. You may find some bottles with the older style label. Don’t worry, the label doesn’t make the sauce!

Josh got me started and his parents have been our sauce enablers. While we were visiting Josh’s parents over Yule, we went on a search to bring more Sauer’s home with us. Unfortunately we were only able to procure two bottles. Hardly enough to last us a year. Thankfully Josh’s father came to our rescue when he spotted some at his local grocer. He purchased and shipped to us, five more bottles. That might last until next Yule.

2 thoughts on “Sauer’s

  1. I am not sure where you live, but some Sam’s Clubs sell it in big gallon jugs, and I can always find it in our local Farm Fresh or Kroger grocery stores. It is the absolute BEST BBQ sauce. I believe it is made in Richmond, VA which is near where I live.

  2. Thanks Kelly. Sadly my Sam’s doesn’t carry it here (in FL). We try to bring back about two gallons whenever we visit the VA/NC area. I know it is made by the same makers of Dukes Mayo which we have but the BBQ just hasn’t made it down here. It is absolutely the best BBQ sauce!

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