My Blank Wall

A blank wall in my house. This is the blank wall that is driving me crazy. It is where I want to put a bookcase, but I am having a hard time finding one that fits our needs.

It is 131 3/4″ and 34 3/4″ to the chair rail. The initial plan was for Josh to build a very large cabinet (glass doors) but that is a lot of work for him to do. Ikea has a few all wood pieces we like. However, I priced it out and it would be over $1000 for what we need. To be honest, they aren’t what we really want either (too tall). What is the sense in spending a grand on something we won’t be happy with?

I’ve been googling and checking out ikeahacker, but I still haven’t found what I want. I suppose the desire for us to have doors is problem. The other problem is the desire for having real wood. If I am spending more than a few bucks, I’m not buying something made from particle board, mdf/particleboard.

So, any ideas? Me neither.

One thought on “My Blank Wall

  1. Why not go for a hardwood book case of the Amish variety. They have doors, and you can get one custom built to the exact measurements you want. Also, the Amish quality will make sure it lasts for really long. They aren’t as expensive as you would think.

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