I was checking my mail just now and instead of reading across the subject line, I read the first words of each subject line. Interestingly, the words I read were “offer”, “electric” and “chair.” Living in Florida, I honestly thought there was a possibility of getting myself an electric chair. That would make for interesting living room furniture!

Josh and I have discussed bookshelves for the blank wall. This hack has potential if we use it on another bookshelf. My only concern is that I really want something that will store my vinyl and my large art books. I need a hair under 13″ for that. Most of the shelves I have found are 13″ in depth which means that we would have to put on swing out doors or else we could risk not having enough room.

If we can figure out a way to add doors to this Granemo shelf, it would be perfect. I wonder if Josh would be up to making just doors.

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  1. Just getting book cases and making the doors yourself is a great idea. I am sure you can find help online. And making just doors is a whole lot easier than making the complete thing.

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