Balance Shift

The balance has shifted. My brother and sister in law are having a girl! We thought it was going to be a boy, but darnit if Gabriel wasn’t right all along. He kept saying he was going to have a little sister. Eventually we got him to just say brother-sister (he wouldn’t let go of sister). Now that we know for sure it is a girl, he wants a brother. Apparently he was on the phone with his mom saying “No mommy, I want a boy. I want a brother.” He apparently asked my mom if the baby is out and can he see it. So cute.

So, now I can get started on knitting or sewing the baby something. I’m kind of leaning towards sewing a little blanket. If she has any allergies or sensitivities like her mother, yarn selection might be a problem. I could just go with organic cotton yarn. That might be a safe bet. It could be a little too heavy.