We Connected

The kittens and I connected. All it took was a bit of cream cheese. Twin is now willing to eat out of my hand if it involves something of the dairy variety. Middle is willing to touch me, if he is having a bit of catnip at the time. Yeah, we connected.

Their cuteness is deadly. As I was out there there was another attempted sandal theft. I don’t know what it is about my sandals, but they seem to be a magnet for cats.

If I had known that there would be so much progress today, I would have taken my camera out with me. From now on, if I got out with any sort of cheese, I’m taking my camera.

Hrm, I wonder how they would like turkey

Something else happened while I was outside. I heard some kid swearing extremely loudly at his parents. Something about kissing his left bottom cheek so the right would effing jealous. Nice, real nice. The parents just told him to go inside. Me, I would of slapped the kid. Homey don’t play that.