Half a pair

I finished one glove. It is entirely too big for my hand, so I will wait for both gloves before I can get an action shot with Josh wearing them. The pinky was a pain in the tush. I frogged it twice and finally got it on the third go. I don’t think that is too bad for my first pair of actual gloves. I think I’ll take cables over gloves anytime though.

My mom brought me some yarn and needles today! They were from Brittany‘s best friend. She tried very hard to get into knitting, but couldn’t. I gave her and Brittany each a skein of yarn and a set of needles when they told me they wanted to learn. Her friend’s older sister bought Stitch N’ Bitch and she tried to learn from that. Unfortunately, Brittany and her friend were 10 at the time and it just didn’t stick. So, I think she was trying to clean up and decided she should give me the size 15US needles that she had also bought, the needles I gave her and two skeins of yarn she had bought. If she wants to try again at another time, she knows where to find me.