Busy little bee

I haven’t posted much due to my husband being a slave driver. Just kidding Josh. I’ve been working on a site for the flying club and it has been keeping me busy, really busy.

Oh and yesterday we lost power so that caused me to take a nap instead of actually doing anything productive. We still don’t know why we lost power, but it was apparently neighborhood wide.

I didn’t accomplish my goals for today. I’ve been having allergy flare ups for the past few days and I can’t do anything.

Does anyone remember the movie One Crazy Summer? Shalyn and I were just discussing the “fact” that if you make faces and get slapped on the back, your face will be stuck like that. Hopefully that will stop her from making any bad faces.

Dood! A tree limb just fell and is about two feet from my TDI. There is another limb that is itching to fall and it is about four times larger. I need to go make sure its ok.