Mock Up

First things first. Is this not the cutest darn puppy ever?

Second, kitty’s site mock up is completed (for the most part) and located here.

It is done in CSS. I need to install a Netscape variant to see how it looks, but it seems ok in Mozilla and I only notice one thing in IE. Correction, I fixed the one thing bothering me in IE. Just an off border.

I decided to stick with the idea of a red (or a shade of red) and twist it a little. It’s been the same way for four years and I think it was due for a change. My favorite thing is the little image of Skittles. I took that picture yesterday while she was lounging in her poly-bed. She was just being so darn cute.

Well, we’re supposed to get an afternoon and evening full of storms. I think I will try to get in a little gardening/yard work before it starts.

2 thoughts on “Mock Up

  1. Cute puppy! I like the new design. That red is so pretty. Bah, hasn’t been updated in years. I am such a slacker.

  2. LOL. I’m getting the guilt trip because SkittlesCam hasn’t been updated in a month. Too much pressure!!!

    I imagine you won’t have much time in the future either. 😉

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