Cancellations and Revivals

Aww, Sabrina the Teenage Witch has finally been cancelled. I’m sorry, but Melissa is OLDER THAN ME!!! She hasn’t been a teen in a very long time. Grr. I remember when they filmed Clarissa down here. Gawd that was forever.

Santa TuxWhoo. I was looking through some of my old files and found some photos from one of the GNHLUG Christmas Dinners. Some of those included Maddog in his Santa suit (which seemed a wee too tight). I also found some of the graphics I did for the dinner. Tux in a Santa suit. The mustache and beard are done that way on purpose. I had some people concerned about that. Believe me, it was a cuteness factor!

The parentals are leaving in the morning. Happy Vacation mom and dad. Don’t worry, we’ll all be fine. Parents can be so difficult some times.