Good Goly Miss Molly! It’s been a real long time since I have updated this. Lots of stuff has happened since now and the last time this was updated. I know that a lot more is going to happen between now and the next time. Ugh. Anyway, the job is going good. It could be better, and has even kept me thinking about other ventures. More for fun though. School isn’t going. Not until they do the instate residency deal. Should go through this time when I apply though! I wonder if I should really go for a History degree. I like it, but come on, every job I’ve had I do some sort of computer work. Makes me ponder a computer science degree. I could do both. It wouldn’t kill me. Who knows, I guess I’ll find out.

This was a thought I think about a lot. Bathroom stalls. Excuse me, but why are they so small? I pity the poor pregnant women who go in.. they could get trapped. I don’t know it has just always bothered me. Why so small? or better yet… why the door INWARD???????

Habits. I’m into habits way too much. Even with buying groceries… why do I get the same thing every week. I decided that I would try a few new things this week… but that’s only after realizing how habitual the buying habits are. Weird.

Josh is freezing, and I’m eating ice cream. What can this mean??? I’m sick. I’ve had an earache for a while, and I do believe it is getting better. It caused me to stay home from work on Wednesday. I slept until 1pm, and it felt good. Well, when the cat would let me. Skittles is really happy when there is someone home during the day. Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhwaaaaaah…. brain freeze. Ugh, man that was funky.

I bought the “Rugrats the movie” movie. I like it, and dare I say… Josh liked it too! We also bought Jackie Chan’s “Who am I?” It was good, pretty darn good if you take into consideration who and where it was filmed..

Alright, back to work. Well, not really work, but I’m going to be doing some updates visually to the site. Create more of a standard for myself.. and experiment with some looks. We’ll see!