I guess I am just frustrated. There was an article in the union misleader here and it has angered some people. WMUR bought up potential domain names for their new competition. That was the big news of the day? They went on to talk about how WMUR fears the competition. Funny, That whole article seemed to quote the competition. hmmm. interesting. People think that doing things like that is unfair competition. For some reason I thought doing things like that was a part of competing. Don’t you try and reduce your threat in chess. Isn’t that the point. If people don’t like the way competition works and the way capitalism works, well then just move to CUBA!!!!! I’m sorry, but the way people think annoy me. I know all of this shouldn’t bother me, but I really don’t like the big newspaper here. If I had the funds, oh would I like to get a real newspaper in here. Something that doesn’t violate my religious freedoms, something that doesn’t quote from the bible every weekday. I find that disgusting. Don’t force religion on to me. These same people pride themselves on being free in the USA and make rude comments about countries in the middle east and Africa because of their religious beliefs… well I feel the same way about how the Christian/catholic majority do the same thing, but don’t think they do. ARrrggghh

Well thanks everyone for helping me air that out. I get stressed out sometimes. I can’t let these things try and get to me, but I do. I’m a very emotional person, I can’t help it.

Things have been going good. I’m still working at the lab, working at WMUR and working on a website for the library’s collection of history books that were acquired using the funds donated in the name of my history advisor. I’m busy, but happy. Josh and I are doing well. It is getting cold and that means SNOWBOARDING. Yes, those who read have to suffer through more babbles of me and the snow. I hope to do better this year, and maybe I’ll get some more pictures. I get to go and get all the winter stuff out. It’s getting down into the 20s at night here. Funny, in a few months, I’ll probably be saying the high was in the 20s.. scary… yikes.

Anyone interested in helping me go to college? Remember the kid who asked people for a penny.. well.. that would be nice for me. It will take me forever to get residency if they want me to get married. I don’t want that to be the reason why I get married, that’s all. Now that they have someone to look over my “case” here, I might have a better chance at things. Durham was full of a bunch of you know what. I’m trying to clean up my language.

I don’t know if anyone remembers, but I wrote once before about how I don’t like receiving e-mails from people who think we are a match made in heaven…. well.. I still don’t like that.. and if they go and e-mail me, that just proves them wrong!!! I have had some very nice people e-mail me and tell me they like things I do. I thank them for that. Why can’t other people grow up about things. Sheesh.

I wonder what Norbert and Eleanor are up to?? I wonder if they have made any plans or inquiries about coming to visit and snowboard… hmmm… It is supposed to be a cold and snowy season according to the Farmer’s Almanac (Hey for $3.79 who can complain). anyway… they better be thinking!! I might be back to visit in January, but I’m not sure for how long. I am going to need to make a stop in DC to visit the grandfolks. That should be interesting. I was hoping my mom would plan a trip so that I can just go back to FL when they go back from visiting my grandparents. Oh well. That didn’t pan out to well. Mom won’t be going for a little while after I go. Alrighty, I’ll talk to all of you folks later. Bye bye now!