I am at work right now and may upload this sooner, or later. I have returned from my visit to see my family and friends. It was nice to see everyone, but I was glad to come home. I think it was the heat mainly. This morning it was chilly… I imagine it was in the 50s or so. Not bad for this time of year.

I think Norbert and Eleanor may come and visit, and it may be possible for them to go snowboarding… a big shock for them… I think they will enjoy it, nice cold snow penetrating their pants… ahh, the pleasures… ok, so normally you wouldn’t have that much snow penetrating but I see it happening. I hope they don’t want to ski… I can’t help them then. They must do that themselves or take a lesson.

Ooh, I have to get pics of them on the t-bar.. or maybe the j-lift. It will be so cute. For some reason I can really see Norb and Eleanor snowboarding…. but I can also see Norbert as the tallest person on the t-bar. Don’t worry Norb, I will make sure you stay out of the kiddie school!!!