Finally, I’m going to see Godzilla. I don’t care if the plot and the acting suck, I’m in it for the special effects. Deep down inside aren’t we all? Admit it folks! Yes, I thought so. I also want to see Deep Impact, another good special effects movie, bad plot. Then again, how many people thought like that about the X-files… now look who is talking! I will see that when it comes out too. So many movies, so little time!

The Bjork show kicked ass. It was really nice. It was at an old theater and it was just fun. What was really funny is the fact that so many people were dressing like they had seen Bjork dress on various awards shows or what not, and she was dressed almost normal. I say almost because of the semi winged sleeves she had. But it seemed like everyone and their mother (some moms did attend) was dressed up in flashy clothes that just did not fit. I wore some old pants and a t-shirt. ditto for Joshua. It was just too funny.

Ahh.. I’m tired. I must go get ready for the beasty lizard. Speaking of… I love the Taco Bell commercial with the dog and the box… it’s so funny! alright I’m going. till later dear folks.