Good Golly, has it been that long? I guess so. Don’t think that I forget, I’ve just been, dare I say, “wicked” busy lately. I’m doing better. Finals are due to arrive this week and the next. Fear not, I will survive. I am still with my beloved, and doing well with him. Although he is still yet to link to me.

I am hoping to get more HTML done this summer. I will not be taking any classes, but I will be a lab nerd (at least I get paid to sit on my ass, unlike some people), but a lab nerd with a laptop and ethernet connection!! Nah nah nah nah nah nah! Sorry, I felt the need. I can use the machines there, but why not use the laptop, if I need the stuff from it. I do believe we are going to put a network card in it, so I can use it at home, so things will work well. Tomorrow I give a presentation on MS. It will be interesting. There are 9 people presenting and the teacher wants our speeches down to at the most 10 minutes, unlike those who decided to give theirs last week… who did 20 minutes!! Yikes! I have enough to go for 10 minutes. Wish me luck! After that it’s just finals and the finishing touches on my History paper. It’s subject is “The State of Women’s Suffrage in England, Prior to World War I” Not too bad a topic, don’t you think? I think it’s been quite easy. I only need 5 more pages, and that I don’t think will be too hard. It will take me longer to type them than anything else!

The BJORK show was postponed, so that sucked.. it will be this Saturday. It will be fun. At least I got to spend some time with my beloved! We spent the entire day together and didn’t get sick of each other! Now that is good! Alright. It is time to go. I need dinner and then I have to prepare myself for tomorrow! Goodnight all