The Cat

I have said goodbye to Keene. I’m home and it feels good. I have a kitten now. Actually she is Josh’s, but we both adopted her. She is a dog in disguise. Don’t let her Siamese looks fool you. She sniffs and is nosey and is presently attempting to climb on the monitor. That is because she could see letters appearing and she got curious. She is like that. She has a passion for potato chips and drinking water from the kitchen sink. She is kitten, hear her roar! It’s a little after mid-night and I’m not tired. Josh is though. I thought I would write this and I will upload it in the morning. If that shall suffice.

Not too long ago, I realized something. Before college, I never had a question of race in mind. I had never faced it. Such a strange thing. While at Keene, I also learned that those students attending there, were rather narrow minded. I’m not saying that all of them are, but a large majority are. The school is full or kids who want to be hippies (the 60s are over!) I don’t think they quite grasp the concept because their views are not anything near those of our parents generation. In attending an orientation for UNHM, I realized that the people there are much more open minded about life. If all else fails, I’ll hang out with some of the faculty and staff I already know! 🙂

I got a Pillsbury dough boy in the mail. I sent away for it. It was free with 3 UPCs… which I had from making a birthday cake (it was mine). I didn’t even have to pay shipping and handling! I thought that was nifty. He is now standing on the speakers. He has a head that can rotate 360 degrees. I think he is pretty damn smooth!! I hope to one day get this camera up and running so maybe then I can get some pictures in that are nice. If I ever get a chance, I have some rolls to develop of snowboarding. A few of me sitting in the lift lines at Sugarbush. Hey, it takes a while sometimes!! I do believe that I will bid everyone farewell, I must go to bed. The Fed Ex man comes tomorrow with 2 really big and nice hard drives for the Super Hog computer. Lots of money and research was put into this baby, and I hope Josh doesn’t want to build another one after it is done. Well, maybe I will get Josh to work on his website. He has it all, but well, he has to refine it and make it better before he will upload it. Maybe one day I’ll even make it on his links page! Hmmmm… I hope so!