Farewell Keene

I am about to bid farewell to Keene. I’m leaving on good terms, so I don’t mind. Funny, now that I am leaving, people are starting to notice me. I guess it took them some time to realize that they aren’t in high school, and that you have to be sociable! That doesn’t matter. I’ll be home with my dearest soon.

Kitty kitty kitty…. figure out what it means!! Ok, besides Jason and family members!! The x-mas shopping is done as well as someone special’s birthday!! That person already got some of the b-day presents that they are receiving, but I am going shopping for another thing or two in a couple of days.

I am slowly studying for finals. I dread the 4 long essays on things we haven’t covered in class. I actually think I might do well! I took a 15 page final…. all essay questions… already today and I am slowly recovering from it. Only one final tomorrow and that shouldn’t be too difficult. I feel like doing more. I have to go now.

Goodbye all. I don’t know when I will get a chance to work on the page, so if nothing is here, it’s because I’M BUSY!! Just occupied immensely! 🙂 Bye!!!