Birthday Board

So I am here, still in Keene, slowly counting the days until I get out. It’s not that bad, but I would rather be home. I miss not sleeping in my own bed, with someone to hug. I just would rather be at home. Things have been ok here. I am working on a paper in Political Science. It is on Human Rights in Algeria. Now there’s a contradiction. Well, I’m writing on the status of Human Rights, how is that? Does that make everyone happy? Good!

Let me tell everyone about my experience here in Keene. Albeit not grand, it’s not horrible. I’ve seen that many people here are stuck in that mode of identity crisis, but then again many people in college are. The thing that bothers me the most and is the prime reason for me wanting to leave is the lack of enthusiasm. Students don’t want to go to class, they just want to party, and that therefore makes the teachers (subconciously) not do as good as a job as they could (You can see it in them). At least where I am transferring to, I know people are there, because they want to be. That’s they type of place that it is. I am hoping to get Josh to come along with me and apply for a Bachelors Degree in something or other. I believe that it would be great for him!

For my birthday I got many special things. But Josh got me something that I can do, and still be with him. He got me a snowboard. 🙂 It’s a nice Burton with the Bremen Town Musicians…I also got some Burton bindings and Burton boots… gee, do you all feel a Burton thing coming over?? Well, anyways I can’t wait to get out there with Josh, but I am going to wait until Tenney opens, since I really like it there (plus it’s cheap… $15 during the week!!). Ok, so that’s been the interesting things that I have gone through… actually there is more, but I am tired and I want to go to sleep. Hey.. if you want to see a pic that I took and scanned in, go to Josh’s page… be might be switching them, but it was taken on July 4, 1997. It was fun… got chilly, but fun!! Talk to you all later.