Raft Suffering

Today is yet another day. I’m home, resting from aching muscles. I went White water rafting this weekend and it felt fairly good. It seemed like a good bonding experience for the Sheep herders (inside joke). I think they needed it. I also think that people learned that they can be themselves around other people and that they don’t need to be afriad to be human around others. That’s why I felt this trip was good. The herders aren’t a big group, but they aren’t dinky. A little bonding here and there and spending more than 9 hours together is good. You get to learn who snores, who gets drunk faster etc. But you get to know people on a personal level. That’s why it’s good to have company outings, too bad all of the herders couldn’t come. Even some that I thought wouldn’t be likely to come, came! That was nice!

I am getting things set for my move to Keene. I don’t see it as a real move, just more of a pit stop. This here is my home. I learned that no matter what, or where, just as long as I am with someone who cares about me, it’s home. That’s what I have here. It seems as though more people want me to succeed at things than I’ve ever known. There are some that just couldn’t care less, but there are more who care a lot! I prefer the ones that care a lot!

My brother has gone to visit my grandparents, he took his dog with him apparently and the dog really likes it there. My mother said it was because of my uncle’s dog, a girl dog!!! Isn’t love cute!!! They want me to visit, but I don’t know when I will get to do that! Maybe oneday!

I have to ask this, because I’m just curious. What in the hell promts someone to go and kill a well known fashion designer? Yeah, we all know what’s going on, but what the hell? Sometimes I really have my doubts about the world today. I do believe in the death penalty and I feel if there is enough proof, a person should be killed. including whomever plotted it.

Laa. I think I will go eat now. I’ll get sick if I don’t. Pardon my dust, I shall write everyone more later!

Alright, I know it’s been a while, so here you go: things are cool. I’m doing the school thing, but that could be better. I have been feeling pretty yucky and my ear is killing me. Gee, ain’t life grand. I am hoping to have my wonderful critique of KSC done soon. For now, just let me know if you think I have cleaned the site up some!! Thanks!

Yes, I’ve made some changes, I’ve Poohified things. I love Pooh, I always have, just never really expressed it in my webpage. I prefer classic over new, but some of the new stuff is cute!